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News and Investigations

We're actively investigating new cases on behalf of consumers, employees, and shareholders. If you've purchased any of these consumer products or own stock in any of these companies, please contact us to discuss your legal rights.


Have You Paid Zipcar's Excessive Late Fees? Schubert Firm Investigates Class Action.

Zipcar sounds like a great deal—the convenience of a car just when you need it, low hourly rates, and lots of locations to pick it up from. The company even advertises "Cars by the hour for nearly zip." But there's one big catch: the late fees. That's right, Zipcar charges exorbitant late fees.

Buried in the fine print, you'll find a provision charging consumers $50/hour or "any portion thereof" when a car is returned late. That means that if you're even one minute late, you owe fifty bucks to the company, and the costs only go up from there. It's kind of like that now-defunct experience of going to the video rental store, which advertised dirt-cheap prices, only to be socked later with late fees that cost more than the actual rentals.

The good news is that this practice may actually be illegal under CA law, which doesn't let companies charge penalties. Instead, these fees have to be based on the actual damages to Zipcar. So our firm has launched an investigation into Zipcar's practices.

Have you been bitten by Zipcar's excessive late fees? Fill out the form on the right of this page to get in touch. You may have a case as part of a class action.