Representing Shareholders, Employees, and Consumers for Over 30 Years


Fighting Against Corporate Fraud for Over 30 Years

Representing Shareholders, Employees, and Consumers Against Corporate Fraud for Over 35 Years

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe investigates and prosecutes consumer and financial fraud—everything from false advertising to insider trading to unpaid overtime. We are based in San Francisco, CA and, with the help of co-counsel, litigate cases nationwide.

Together with its predecessor firms, Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe has been in operation for over thirty-five years. In addition to prosecuting cases in California federal and state courts, the firm has been actively involved in securities, antitrust, unfair competition, and employment class actions throughout the United States. Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe has served as Lead Counsel or Co-Lead Counsel in class actions and shareholder derivative actions that have produced recoveries valued at over $850 million.

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Our Practice


From false advertising to defective products, we are committed to protecting consumer rights. Are you being overcharged on late fees by your landlord? Does your hard drive have a fatal flaw that causes data loss? Is that food product really all-natural organic? We're here to help.


In today's rapidly changing digital world, the companies you turn over your personal, financial, and medical data to have a duty to safeguard it. When companies fail to take data security seriously or sell your information without your consent, we take action to protect you.


Our securities fraud practice represents investors who have been defrauded by corporations. From small holders to large pension funds, investors have a right to a fair market free from manipulation by industry insiders. We fight back against the corporations that rig our financial markets.


From price fixing to monopolization, our antitrust practice works to level the economic playing field for consumers. If you paid too much for a product because the company that made it conspired with its competitors, you may be able to bring a class action case and recover triple damages.


Shareholder derivative suits provide a unique opportunity for small investors to step into the shoes of a company they hold stock in to prosecute its officers and directors for corporate malfeasance. We work to reform corporate governance and claw back ill-gotten gains.


Many companies are increasingly misclassifying their workers as independent contractors, cheating them out of important benefits like overtime pay, retirement plans, and health insurance. Whether you earn a salary or work by the hour, contact us to discuss your rights.


Over $850 Million in Monetary Recovery for Our Clients
— Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe


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