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Blue Buffalo Pet Food May Contain Meat Byproducts, Despite Company's Claims

Blue Buffalo parrots all the right claims—arguing that its food is healthier for your pet because it contains "the finest natural ingredients" and "real meat." But are these claims actually true?

Its pet-food competitor, Purina, has filed suit against Blue Buffalo, alleging that the so-called natural pet-food manufacturer's "brand is built…on a platform of dishonesty and deception.” Specifically, Purina alleges that Blue Buffalo's food contains chicken and poultry "by-product meal." What exactly are these by-products? According to Purina's testing, they include "parts of the animal that remain after meat is removed," including lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys. That hardly sounds like "real meat."

In an action before the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau, which sometimes settles these disputes, the NAD recommended that Blue Buffalo change its advertising to avoid these misleading comparisons about "real meat" and "poultry byproducts." But to date, Blue Buffalo has refused.

Lost in this corporate pet-food fight are consumers, who don't have accurate information on which to base their buying decisions. So the Schubert Firm is investigating a potential class action against Blue Buffalo over these false and misleading claims.

Have you purchased Blue Buffalo pet food? Contact us by filling out the form at right, and we'll be in touch with more information. If consumers don't step up, we may never know what's really in our pets' food.

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