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News and Investigations

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Sexy Hair Products May Not Actually Be “Sulfate-Free”

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe is investigating certain Sexy Hair brand hair care products, such as Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Soy Moisturizing Shampoo, to determine whether consumers who have purchased these products have legal claims for misleading advertising under California law. The packaging for those products prominently claims that the products are sulfate- and salt-free. However, the small print on the back of the packaging reveals that these products actually contain sodium sulfate and sodium chloride (salt). 

Consumer advocacy organizations, industry participants, and the media have expressed concerns about hair care products containing sulfate and salt, because those products can reportedly strip hair of its natural moisture. Consumers with dyed hair are warned that sulfates can prematurely strip the color from their hair, and consumers with curly hair may experience increased frizziness after using hair care products containing sulfates. 

If you purchased Sexy Hair brand hair care products that were advertised as being sulfate- and salt-free, you may have a legal claim under California law for misleading advertising.  Please complete the form below for a free legal consultation.