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Puma 6 Cable Modem Chipset Defect

New Investigation into Cable Modem Chipset Defect

Certain Cable Modems, Including Arris SB6190, May Be Plagued by Latency Issues

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe is investigating whether cable modems containing Intel's Puma 6 chipset, including the Arris SB6190, contain a serious defect that prevents them from operating properly. Reports on multiple websites and forums indicate that these cable modems suffer from "latency jitter so bad it ruins online gaming and other real-time connections."

Intel has confirmed the defect, stating that the company is "aware of an issue with the Puma 6 system-on-chip software that impacts latency," but after numerous months, has failed to release any update that fixes the issue. Cable modems containing Intel's Puma 6 chipset that may be affected include:

  • Arris SB6190
  • Arris TG1672G
  • Arris TM1602
  • Super Hub 3 (Arris TG2492LG)  (commonly, Virgin Media)
  • Hitron CGN3 / CDA / CGNV series modems:
  • Hitron CDA-32372
  • Hitron CDE-32372
  • Hitron CDA3-35
  • Hitron CGNV4
  • Hitron CGNM-3552 (commonly, Rogers)
  • Hitron CGN3 (eg CGN3-ACSMR)
  • Hitron CGNM-2250 (commonly, Shaw)
  • Linksys CM3024
  • Linksys CM3016
  • TP-Link CR7000
  • Netgear AC1750 C6300 AC1900
  • Netgear CM700
  • Telstra Gateway Max (Netgear AC1900 / C6300) (Australia)
  • Cisco DPC3848V
  • Cisco DPC3941B / DPC3941T  (commonly, Comcast Xfinity XB3)
  • Cisco DPC3939
  • Compal CH7465-LG / Arris TG2492LG (commonly, Virgin Media Hub 3)
  • Samsung Home Media Server

According to The Register, "The problem appears to be that the x86 CPU in the modem is taking on too much work while processing network packets. Every couple of seconds or so, a high-priority maintenance task runs and it winds up momentarily hogging the processor, causing latency to increase by at least 200ms and, over time, about six per cent of packets to be dropped. It affects IPv4 and IPv6 – and it spoils internet gaming and other online real-time interaction that need fast response times."

Even users who do simple web browsing may be affected by the momentary high spikes in latency, causing websites to feel sluggish or not load.

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe LLP is investigating whether these modems are defective. If purchasers received a faulty modem with a serious defect, they may be entitled to a refund of their purchase price.

If you purchased one of the modems above and would like to help us investigate this issue—or would like to participate in a potential class-action lawsuit—please complete the form below for a free legal consultation.


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