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Late Fees

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Is Your Landlord Charging Excessive Late Fees?

You May Be Entitled to a Cash Refund

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Are you a California tenant who has been charged late fees for failing to pay your rent on time?  You may be entitled to relief.

Under California law, late fees must be based on a reasonable estimate of your landlord’s actual damages. Late fees in excess of this amount may be illegal. California law presumes landlord’s actual damages should be measured at a 10% interest rate. 

The Schubert Law Firm is currently investigating the late fee practices of certain California residential property owners and managers. If you are a tenant who has been charged late fees, and you live in a building owned or managed by any of the following property owners or managers, please contact our firm by completing the form below. 

  • Alliant Capital, Ltd.
  • AvalonBay
  • BRE Properties, Inc.
  • The Bascom Group, LLC
  • FPI Management Inc.
  • Fairfeld Residential Company LLC
  • Irvine Company
  • JRK Property Holdings, Inc.
  • SunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners Inc.
  • Trinity Properties

Even if you don't live in a building owned one of these large landlords, you may still be owed a refund for excessive late fees. Please contact us for a free legal consultation.


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